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Steak Kabobs on the Smokeless Grill

There are so many ways to grill steak kabobs: gas-powered grill, charcoal grill, and the electric grill. All of them taste delicious. However, the electric grill has a lot of advantages over the traditional ones, some of them being: It is safer in that there is no chance of burning yourself or accidentally starting a…

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The Easiest Indoor Grill Recipes

The Best Grilled Chicken Parmesan We’ve Ever Tried! Even if you have no clue how to properly grill a chicken breast, this Grilled Chicken Parmesan recipe cooks to char-grilled perfection on your indoor grill. It’s one of our favorite grill recipes – the chicken comes out char-grilled to a perfect crisp on the outside, while the…

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The 5 Best Benefits of a Smokeless Grill

Not all grilling is created equal. So many of our summertime memories include an outdoor barbecue grill party in someone’s backyard. The pool is open, the drinks are cold, and your favorite ribs are smoking on the grill. Many companies are trying to recreate the same authentic barbecue taste by introducing an indoor grill that’s smokeless…

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